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New Year 2020-2021

It's a brand new year, we were delighted to get back to school following lock- down! Despite the restrictions presented by COVID-19, we are determined to continue with our STEM adventures  and look forward to keeping you updated on all our activities.      

Science Week 2020 Nov 8th-15th 

Although we were confined to our classroom  Science Week was packed with the usual STEM excitement. In a strange year COVID restrictions brought a host of virtual events to us and we lapped it all up! Specific highlights included virtual events hosted by Teagasc (6th Class), Dr. Matt Pritchard's Surprising Science (5th Class),  Foodoppi "Eat Your Science" and  Junior Einstein DNA & Fingerprint Workshop  (3rd Class) and a Science & Bubble Workshop (Seomra Sonas). We enjoyed daily programmes on Science TV while  5th & 6th Class also participated in the annual on-line "I'm a Scientist Gt me Out of Here Event". Needless to say all classes facilitated hands on STEM investigations!....Check out our gallery...      

Science Week 2020 Juniors, Seniors and First Class....  

It has been all hands on in the Junior end of the school where we have been exploring the properties of magnets, dancing raisins, exploding coke and colour transfer. We have made bubbles, bird feeders and lava lamps....take a look!

Science Week
SW - Juniors

Seniors made fantastic bird feeders! 


1st Class Exploding Coke and Balloon Rocket Experiment 

SW - Middle

Science Week 2020 check out 2nd, 3rd and 4th Class Activities ...

foodoppi 3
foodoppi 2
foodoppi 5
event 6
event 7
event 8
event 9
event 10

Science Week 2020 5th & 6th Class Activities 

Halloween STEM 6th Class Materials Oct 2020

6th Class have been investigating the science of Chromatography. This is a process used to seperate the components of a mixture where the components travel through the stationary phase at diffferent speeds. They used their filter paper of results to produce some fantastic  Halloween inspired art....take a look..    

chroma 2
chroma 17
chroma 18
chroma 16
chroma 15
chroma 14
chroma 13
chroma 12
chroma 11
chroma 10
chroma 9
chroma 7
chroma 8
chroma 6
chroma 5
chroma 1
chroma 3
chroma 4

Tree Day 2020-Step 1 Living Things Oct 1st 

Tree Day is always a special occasion in our school especially in the junior end and this year was no exception ! This years's theme is "Be a Force for Nature-Bí i do Fórsa don Nádúir" which focuses on all the things that we can do in our everyday lives to help nature and the environment. We planted conkers and a native Irish Tree-the Scots Pine, we also got to closely examine all the trees in our school environment!     

Tree Day

1st Class-Living Things-Bone Investigations-Oct 2020 

We got to examine bones very closely and identified all the bones in our hands ! 


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