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Seomra Sonas

Seomra Sonas
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On March 12th 2020, St. Colman’s N.S. was sanctioned for the opening of a class to meet the needs of pupils with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum.

We were delighted to open our new class, Seomra Sonas, on August 27th 2020 in a temporary room available in the school. Seomra Sonas is currently at maximum capacity with 6 pupils and is staffed with 1 teacher and 2 SNAs. Each pupil is attached to a mainstream class within the school.

Seomra Sonas provides the opportunity for students to access the full range of curricular areas in line with their abilities, whilst also participating in mainstream activities and lessons when appropriate.

In our class we endeavour to support the children’s needs in some or all of the following areas, as appropriate to each individual: learning, social and communication, emotional, behaviour, life skills-including independence, care and adaptation of the physical environment.

The school received approval for the building of a purpose built 1 Classroom SEN base on June 17th 2020. Building is due to commence on March 20th 2023

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