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Meet Our Staff


Meet Our Staff

Principal at Work!.jpg
Mr. Richie Mulrooney


Ms. Mary Murphy Deputy Principal SET.jpg
Ms. Mary Murphy

Junior Infants (Deputy Principal)

Ms. Olivia Brennan Senior Infants-1.jpg
Ms. Olivia Brennan

Senior Infants

Ms. Eileen O'Hara 1st Class ( Currently on Leave)1.jpg
Ms. Eileen O'Hara

1st Class

Ms. Maggie Curran

2nd Class

Ms. Mairéad Fitzgerald 3rd Class-1.jpg
Ms. Mairéad Fitzgerald

3rd Class

Ms. Claire Phelan

4th Class

Ms. Anne Quealy 6th Class-1.jpg
Ms. Anne Quealy

6th Class

Ms. Geraldine Tierney Seomra Sonas-1.jpg
Ms.Geraldine Tierney
Ms. Emma Gallagher 5th Class-1.jpg
Ms.Emma Gallagher

5th Class

Mr. Paddy Deegan 4th Class.JPG
Mr. Paddy Deegan

Support Teacher

Ms. Leanne Hickey Seomra Sonas SNA-1.jpg
Ms. Leanne Hickey
Ms. Alice Dobbyn 4th  Class ( Currently on Leave).jpg
Ms. Alice Dobbyn

5th Class

Ms. Richelle Guilfoyle (2).png
Ms. Richelle Guilfoyle

Support Teacher

Ms. Louise Egan Seomra SNA-1.jpg
Ms. Louise Young

Seomra Sonas Teacher

Seomra Sonas  SNA

Seomra Sonas SNA

Ms. Trish Byrne Secretary.JPG
Ms. Trish Byrne


Mr. John Dunne Caretaker-1.jpg
Mr. John Dunne 


Ms. Rita Galvin Bus Escort_1.jpg
Ms. Rita Galvin

Bus Escort

Full Staff List  2022-23

Richard Mulrooney:           Principal

Mary Murphy:                     Deputy Principal & Junior Infant Teacher

Olivia Brennan:                  Senior Infant Teacher   

Eileen O'Hara:                     1st Class Teacher

Maggie Curran:                  2nd Class Teacher

Mairead Fitzgerald:           3rd Class Teacher  

Claire Phelan:                    4th Class Teacher 

Alice Dobbyn:                    5th Class Teacher    (Job Share)    

Emma Gallagher:              5th Class Teacher    (Job Share) 

Anne Quealy:                     6th Class Teacher

Paddy Deegan:                  Support Teacher

Richelle Guilfoyle             Support Teacher

Geraldine Tierney:           Seomra Sonas Teacher 

Louise Egan:                      Seomra Sonas SNA

Leanne Hickey:                 Seomra Sonas SNA

Trish Byrne:                       Secretary / Cleaner

John Dunne:                     Caretaker

Rita Galvin:                        Bus Escort / Cleaner


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