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Pupils' Information


Attendance and Punctuality


The children are expected to be punctual and to attend school every day. We ask that parents are on time picking up your child daily.

The school day begins at 9.20am and the school is open from 8.40am The Infant Day ends at 2pm and all Junior and Senior Infants who are not attending the 2 to 3 Club are collected at that time.

The children in 1st to 6th class finish at 3pm.

Good school attendance is crucial to your child’s progress. If your child is absent for any reason, please send an explanatory note to the teacher on his /her return or beforehand if you know that your child will be absent. The school has a statutory obligation to report all absences of 20 days or over to Tusla.



The school uniform is supplied by Pauls in High Street Kilkenny. The school colours are royal blue jumper with grey shirt, grey trousers or grey skirt/pinafore. The tie is blue with green and red stripes

The uniform is worn every day except on P.E. or match day.

 A tracksuit is worn on P.E. Day and also if the children are representing the school in a match later that day.


Team Kit

For school matches the school kit is worn. This consists of school team jersey, white shorts with maroon stripes and maroon and white socks. The school has two different jersey colours, one set is white and the other maroon.



We encourage parents and children to select the most nutritious choices for lunch every day. As part of our social, personal and health education programme the girls and boys learn about healthy eating.


The pupils have two breaks every day and many of them bring a snack for one break and a bigger lunch for the longer break. The children are encouraged to bring the following types of food for lunch:
Sandwiches/rolls/pitta breads with a healthy filling such as meat/ salad/tuna etc.
Fresh fruit
Unsweetened fruit juice
Diluted sugar free drink

Our Healthy Eating policy is in place every day, from Monday to Friday with a small treat also allowed on Fridays.


As some of the children have food allergies, children are not allowed to share their lunches. Parents are asked to always inform the school if their child has a food allergy. If a child has a particularly severe food allergy, parents of others in the class may be asked not to include that food in lunchboxes

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